Paddlemania is really that … a mania. It is an obscene and insane effort that attempts to push the limits of human endurance by paddling a canoe, non-stop, for 12 hours, in an attempt to set the record for the longest distance covered paddling a canoe on flat water, in six and twelve hours. This record currently does not exist in India, by Indians, and this will set a benchmark for future prospective record aspirants. The target is to cover at least 40 km  and 60 km in 6 and 12 hours respectively.

The solo effort is tentatively planned on the Upper Lake in Bhopal city, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. We are deciding on the date and time of the effort and this page will be updated as soon as it is finalised.

Paddlemania route

This effort is a solo effort. There exists a possibility of extending Paddlemania to a tandem effort by having a second crew member to make the attempt. If you believe you have it in you to punish yourself for 12 hours, let me know and we can take it forward.

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