3 days to go

Exhilaration. Elation. Animation. Enthusiasm. Eagerness. Anticipation. Delirious. Emotional. Zeal. Zest. Pepped. Zinged. One thing common to all these words is the feeling of intense excitement and anticipation each the clock ticks away at the seconds. There are only three days to go before I embark on the greatest and grandest expedition of my life, paddling …

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A Slow Boat Around Sri Lanka

Hunger is awesome

When people hear about the Sri Lanka circumnavigation expedition, almost always they ask me questions related directly to the effort itself. “How tough is it going to be?”“What about sea conditions?”“How far into the sea will you be?”“Where will you sleep?” “What if you get lost?” “What about food?”Etc. All these are legitimate questions that …

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