A Slow Boat Around Sri Lanka

C’est la vie

I could not sleep. At best I had a disturbed night, given the excitement that was building up for what...
Beautiful Colombo

Beautiful Colombo

It was a heady night on the last day of February. I could not wait long enough to catch my...

3 days to go

Exhilaration. Elation. Animation. Enthusiasm. Eagerness. Anticipation. Delirious. Emotional. Zeal. Zest. Pepped. Zinged. One thing common to all these words is...
Sea Eagle Travel Canoe

The Universe Conspires

It is a happy day for me. Today, February 11, 2020 I was presented with two enormously good pieces of...
Tuktuk hire, a unique way to travel around Sri Lanka

A unique Shore Support possibility

As you might have gathered from the earlier posts, I have been looking for a way to manage a Shore...
One of the valves in the canoe breaks off.

Murphy Strikes

Though it is unknown whether Murphy was the one who actually coined the law that goes by his name, but...

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