I have been blessed to have been born with a deep voice, not something I have developed. However, what has emerged as a talent is my command over the English language, its diction, pronunciation, accent, etc. I do not have any specific accent that influences the way I speak English. Not American, or Australian, or Canadian, or European, or even Bengali, the language I was born into. I have a neutral, international accent with maybe a slight bias towards Received Pronunciation that is considered the King’s English, or BBC English. With the British having colonised so many countries in the world, I believe it is this accent and pronunciation that is understood in more parts of the world than even American English whose influence is quite big given most entertainment in the form of movies and television shows are from the US. There is a space for both, but the part of the sandbox I tend to occupy is a somewhat British Received Pronunciation accent.

I would love to lend my voice to your project. Below are some samples of my voice. Hope you like it. 

Television promos

As you would have probably realised after going through the website, I tend to wear many hats. My first love has always been the outdoors, adventure and exploration. Then I found myself consulting with Travel Trendz Television I got an opportunity to dovetail adventure, film making and voiceovers together. I embarked on a journey to create three world records. The following videos feature me and my mission, with my voiceover. I unfortunately do not have the many other projects I have completed with Travel Trendz or some other producers.

Voice samples

Here are some voice samples so that you can get an understanding of the accent, tone, tenor, etc. However, for each project the final voice will be dictated by the script and what you desire.

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