Many people will tell you what you cannot do.
But, very few will tell you what you can do!

We are much more capable than what we give ourselves credit for. The mind is an incredible place and can push the body to accomplish wonders ... if only we allow it to. I am a person who, after spending more than two decades in the corporate world, headed out to explore the wonders of the world out there. I have ridden my motorcycle all across the country, enjoyed the wonders of almost the entire stretch of the Himalayas, paddled down the Ganges in a canoe ... the first time a canoe has gone down the holy river, and am the first civilian Indian survivalist. All encased in a 57 year old body, harbouring a prosthetic knee, a bad back, a broken collar bone, minimal stamina, and a whole lot of mojo.

Tales from the road, river and the wilderness.

I have a lot of stories to share and many people have benefited from the experiences I have gathered over the last twenty years and more. I have spoken to school and college students, and I have had the privilege of sharing my stories with company executives, and given motivational talks to NGOs. Some say they have been inspired by my stories.

I am back from the Ganges, paddling a canoe for about 2,000 km, from Haridwar to Calcutta. This was a journey where I gathered a whole lot of memories and I am looking forward to sharing it.

If you wish to have me give a talk to your people, do let me know.

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