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    A Slow Boat Down the Ganges


    One man decides to raise awareness about pollution in India’s holiest river, the Ganges by canoeing down from Haridwar to Kolkata making this the first time a canoe has made this journey. A SLOW BOAT DOWN THE GANGES is a story about the expedition, a first hand, first person account of the journey, which apart from being an endurance adventure, turned out to be a pilgrimage down a river that sustains about 500 million people living on its basin.

    This book makes for fascinating reading, bringing to life each day, each paddlestroke, each trial and tribulation, each moment of success, the frustrations and the jubilation, that was intrinsic to a journey down one of the world’s greatest rivers.

    Currently the book is available in India only because of the prohibitive shipping cost to courier it overseas. Till such time as it is not available on Amazon stores globally, sorry about that. The Kindle edition is available though … click here.