A Slow Boat Down the Ganges Photos

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6 thoughts on “A Slow Boat Down the Ganges Photos”

  1. Nice pictures. Also grateful to see water test results.
    A different Ganga will emerge now which will then get historic after Farrukhabad. Then some great meandering .
    Ilahabad is now Prayag Raj and we hope you get a welcome from the MP of Varanasi.
    Sandhu of Ganga Eco is the only TA officer to get Sena Medal Gallantry. He looks forward to meeting you.

    1. Chandan Lahiri

      Thank you Sir for the good wishes and the encouragement. Looking forward to the rest of the trip and meeting some wonderful people. Did not know about Col Sandhu. I am sure I will get to hear a lot of stories from him.

  2. Sharmistha Lahiri

    Very impressive pictures Chandan! I had a desire to go to Haridwar to see you being flagged off on your journey, but could not work it out. All the same, you are in my thoughts constantly on your slow boat adventure down the Ganges, wishing you a safe and enjoyable rowing experience! Take care! Will he following your trip virtually! Many good wishes, Kakima

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