The first BIG step - booking of travel tickets

The joys of small steps

It has been famously said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. It is so true...
A Slow Boat Around Sri Lanka

The Packing Kit

I have learnt to pack light. It was not always so. In fact, on the Ganges I had to offload...
A Slow Boat Around Sri Lanka

Hunger is awesome

When people hear about the Sri Lanka circumnavigation expedition, almost always they ask me questions related directly to the effort...
Beaufort Scale

The Beaufort Scale

In the previous post I had briefly alluded to the Beaufort Scale. Let us look at what it is in...
A Slow Boat Arounbd Sri Lanka

Four invaluable gizmos

There is literally no end to the kinds and types of gear and equipment that can be added to the...
A Slow Boat Around Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is NOT the Ganges

This is a fact. The paddle around Sri Lanka is unlikely to be anything like the one I experienced while...

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