Aug 26, 2018, D-minus-25

Slow Boat Down the Ganges Update 3

What is keeping me awake in the day (I seldom sleep at night!) is my inverter. I have to quickly think of a contingency in case the Goal Zero inverter continues to misbehave. What came as a Godsend today was my friend Dhruv Dudeja. We were chatting and I happened to mention my predicament. He knows way more than me about these things and seems to have come up with a solution to assemble an inverter. Will be meeting up with him in the next few days to figure out how. He is working on a similar project to power up the van he is restoring for the purpose of going around the country over about a year. His knowledge will certainly help a whole lot.

Went to the market to pick up the potatoes, tomatoes and onions. Now to chop them up and put them in the dehydrator. My dehydrator has four trays, and for the amount that I need to feed myself for two months, I need a whole lot of dehydrating time.

The DIY PVC frames that I have assembled for the cameras are ready, but they need to be waterproofed. The last one I used fell apart and sank. I need to waterproof the frame and make it stable to ensure that even if it falls overboard ... with the camera ... it still floats. There is also a frame to tow the camera behind the boat. There is no way I can get rid of the cord towing it, but the frame itself needs to be waterproof and stable. I guess viewers will understand the cord in the frame.

I am very pleased with the response received from people when I shared this page. So many have come forward with good wishes, suggestions, and offers of help, that it is really gratifying. Moral support is what makes one believe in the cause. Maybe this expedition will enable the fence sitters in India to become a little more adventurous.

I have had an Instagram account for a while now, but since I do not really know how to use it, I have stayed away from it. But it is gaining popularity very fast and it seems I will lose out if I am not active on Instagram. The Ganges journey might be the ticket to me mastering this platform. What will help is a large number of followers. Go ahead and follow me on Instagram, it will help me fast track my learning. Here is the link ...

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